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Adult Outpatient Programs

Adult Outpatient Programs

Adult Intensive Therapy Programs at Branches Spokane

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To schedule an assessment, email [email protected] or call 509-934-4070

It can take a long time to develop the proper skills to recover from a mental health crisis. Learning to manage an illness is essential to long-term recovery. At the end of our inpatient program, patients and their families are encouraged to engage in ongoing treatment in a traditional outpatient setting.

Branches Spokane, Intensive Therapy Program, a Service of Inland Northwest Behavioral Health provides provides ongoing treatment after a crisis and may even help to avoid a mental health crisis in the future. Patients can attend group therapy three to five days a week, with individual therapy or medication management appointments available by request. Patients can choose which days of the week work with their schedule. A psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner will also be able to help with any necessary psychiatric medication.

The program is designed for adults living with mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and PTSD, or a mental illness such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. These are all health issues that can impede daily life. We want people who are struggling to cope to get back to living a life they want, and living it well.

Our mental health program provides:

  • A welcoming and warm environment for you to share
  • Education on illness management
  • Peer learning and discovery opportunities
  • Group therapy classes centered on emotion regulation, safety and mindfulness
  • Medication management
  • Supportive therapies for coping, including art therapy and recreation

We want you to start feeling better.

Our facility is conveniently located near the hospital in the Rock Pointe East building located at

1313 N. Atlantic Street, Suite 4700
Spokane, WA 99201

To schedule an assessment, email [email protected] or call 509-934-4070